Virology Organizing Committee

Virginia L. Miller, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina

Biography: Virginia L. Miller, Ph.D., is a professor of genetics and of microbiol ReadMore...

Research Interest: Genetics and of Microbiology & Immunology

Robin Patel, M.D.

Chair of the Division
Clinical Microbiology at the Mayo Clinic

Biography: Dr. Robin Patel is currently a professor of medicine and a professor o ReadMore...

Research Interest: Medicine and Microbiology

Victor DiRita, Ph.D.

Michigan State University

Biography: Victor DiRita, Ph.D., is the Rudolph Hugh Endowed Chair in Microbial P ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

Kara Levinson, Ph.D., MPH, D(ABMM)

At-Large Board Director, Early Career
University of Michigan

Biography: Kara Levinson, Ph.D., MPH, D(ABMM), received her B.S. in microbiology ReadMore...

Research Interest: Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology

Joanna Goldberg, Ph.D.

At-Large Board Director
Emory University

Biography: Joanna Goldberg, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Pediatrics ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiology & Immunology