Human Vaccines - Infectious & Non Infectious Diseases

An inactivated bacteria or virus is injected into the body as a vaccine to mimic an actual infection. Because the injected microorganisms are "dead," a person does not get sick as a result. Instead, vaccines help the body mount an immune defence against that kind of disease. Both targets for infectious and non-infectious diseases are covered. It is difficult to produce vaccine-mediated protection. The majority of the vaccines that are currently on the market were created empirically, with little to no knowledge of how they trigger the immune system. The induction of antigen-specific antibodies is what primarily contributes to their early protective efficacy. The peak of vaccine-induced antibody titers is only one aspect of antibody-mediated protection, though.

  • vaccines made with live virus

  • Rubella, mumps, and measles (MMR combined vaccine)

  • Rotavirus

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