Therapeutic Approaches and Targets for Viral Infections

A cutting-edge technique for effectively enhancing humoral and cellular immune responses to protein antigens is DNA immunisation. Either inactivated viruses or constricted viruses are present in viral vaccines. In order to elicit a response, inactive viral vaccines must contain more antigen than live immunisations. They contain viruses that can no longer replicate. A clinically proven effective treatment option, allergy immunotherapy may significantly lessen the patient's allergic symptoms and the need for conventional, symptom-relieving medication. A particular class of medication used to treat viral infections is known as an antiviral drug.

  • Antiviral Medicines

  • Oseltamivir phosphate, also known as Tamiflu® or its generic equivalent,

  • (Trade name: Relenza®) zanamivir

  • peramivir, also known as Rapivab®.

  • Xofluza® (trade name for baloxavir marboxil).

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